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Difference Between Sparkling Mineral Water and Soda Water

Zoik-What is Sparkling Water

Like most, are you one of those who find it hard to resist bubbly beverages? Choosing water, especially fizzy is a matter of thought these days. There are so many options and distorting labels.

Here’s your quick bite on Zoik sparkling water, soda water, and more to help you choose wisely.


Sparkling mineral water is naturally carbonated. The bubbles come from well or spring causing carbonation.

Sparkling mineral water contains a variety of minerals such as Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium making it wholesome. Just as ‘Zoik’ sparkling water comes with a whole package of health and hydration. It’s got all that you need. On the top of it, it’s totally calorie free.


Soda water, on the other hand, is carbonated by injecting carbon dioxide artificially. It is infused with added minerals like Potassium sulfate, Sodium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate etc. However, the amount varies to the discretion of brand/ manufacturer. Soda is bland and tastes dull.
Carbonated water in India-Zoik


Sparkling mineral water hails from natural sources such as springs explaining its natural taste and the bubbles. It isn’t any water like soda which could be just tap water, filtered and manually carbonated. Sparkling mineral water has way too many benefits to list. Soda water, however, is deprived of such minerals and dietary add-ons. Sparkling water is a go-to drink. Grab it, have it as it is or club it with something. Soda water isn’t that versatile. It’s dull and tasteless.

Thus, sparkling mineral water is as natural as it gets. It’s your quick fix to any fizzy desire. Find plain water boring? No problem! Zoik Sparkling water is there for your rescue. Drink it as it is or club it with anything to keep yourself hydrated.

It is fun bundled with health!