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The Art Of Garnishing Your Drinks!

The Art Of Garnishing Your Drinks

You can easily make drinks you loved sipping in your pre-covid days. One quick search and the internet tells you everything you need. But, do you know what sets the drink that you buy at bars or restaurants apart? You guessed it! Garnishes. Be it a spicy margarita or a tangy lemon punch, to feel fancy while drinking it, you have to garnish it. So, get ready for the deja vu to come and smack you in your heads, and let’s make some easy garnishes!

For becoming a pro bartender at the comfort of your own home, you have to learn the basics.


Herbs are the most used and easily available garnishes out there. They add a distinct flavour to your drinks. Smacking or crushing your herbs right before you add them to your drink releases its natural flavours and aroma to your drinks faster.

Cinnamon sticks

When herbs provide you with freshness and nourishment on a parched summer day, cinnamon sticks provide you with the warmth and comfort for the coldest days of the year. Again, it is super easy- just drop a stick to your drink easy, and it transforms your drink!

Salt on the rim

Another easy but lip smack worthy garnish has to be salt on the rim. With this garnish, you never have to worry about your drinks tasting bland. Ensure you have a thin and even coat of salt around the edges because too much or too little salt can take away the magic. Margaritas, here we come!

Lemon slices

Not chunky because that’s when the citrusy taste overpowers the drink. A thin slice of lemon on your drink can do wonders to your drink and can make you crave more as the night goes by.

Fruit wedges

One of our personal favourites is the fruit wedges. Take your favourite fruit ( our favourite is pineapple) and stick it to the rim of your glass. It makes the drink delicious and refreshing.

Citrus fruit peels

Orange or lemon peels are also great garnishes. There are a lot of fancy and fun ways to incorporate them into your drink. Our favourites include coin twist and peel twists.

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Iced flowers and herbs

This is cute and quirky and looks beautiful. This easy to make garnish requires an ice tray, water, edible flowers/ fruits/ herbs and a freezer. You can add these to any drink and make it classy.

Presentation affects perception. That is the lesson we learned during this lockdown. Since garnishes are an easy and quirky way to make sure your drinks give you the complete experience, we decided we would help you with some easy and delicious ones. Garnish, sip and stay safe!

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